Pure relief
Our natural cream for bone sockets issues temporarily relieves minor discomforts and soreness so can go about life discomfort-free.
Natural extracts
Nutam relief cream, unscented, uses cold-pressed, unrefined essentail oils extract that locks in skin’s natural moisture.
Non-greasy formula
Nutam cream doesn't leaves a greasy residue, thanks to the natural extracts, skin stays hydrated without the grease!

Pure natural formula

If have bone sockets discomfort, try this formula. This product works great for discomfort. This product is lactose free. Made in a supervised laboratory using state of the art manufacturing methods. It's all natural formula with no side effects and non-habit forming. Natural ingredients helps with discomfort reduction and has been found to be very helpful for anxiety and tension. If are looking for an organic reliever, have found it! Our extracts will help recover quicker from the toughest workouts, push through hardcore training, relieve neck and back discomfort from long work hours and relax by managing almost any discomfort. Organic ingredients are formulated by the leading specialists. This cream is made of premium plant extracts.

High quality

This listing is for one 2oz. jar of Nutam relief cream. Handmade by a local co-op, ensuring that each and every batch is not only of the highest quality, but is never greasy, easily applied to the skin, rubs in great, each container has pure full spectrum organic extracts!! The ingredients used in this product is harvested by one of the best companies. Our discomfort relief cream is great for bone sockets issues, back discomfort!! Our cream is packaged in a high quality containers with BPA free lids, ensuring that the potency of essential oils are not affected by light, or cheap plastics! Our cream is 100% natural.

All natural ingredients

Safe and effective topical reliever

This is the truly great and safe topical discomfort reliever. Its beneficial action makes it effective in the bone sockets care. Discomforts in bones sockets, bodily discomfort ... to much sport activity and overwork. Good circulation. Nutam cream, in addition to its effective and discomfort relief, also has the effect of skin protection, making it soft and anti-allergic.Nutam cream is best stored in dry and cool place, at temperature from 5°C - 28°C.

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Product description

Nutam supports optimum bone sockets condition and function in addition to providing discomfort relief. Formulated with the highest quality ingredients available to insure maximum benefits, a powerful Omega-5 which is proven to reduce discomfort and also works as an immune system modulator.

  • Formulated to penetrate skin quickly;
  • Relieves discomfort and promotes cartilage and synovial fluid;
  • Designed to defeat the source of discomfort, not just the symptoms;
  • Contains ingredients, proven to support the bone sockets;
  • Contains powerful omega-5;

Ingrediets list

  • Birch oil
  • Cayenne
  • Grape extract
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Bees wax

For best results

Generously apply 3 to 4 times daily or more if needed, 3 inches on and around affected area. Massage in until absorbed. Use before and after sports workouts and competitions. Apply immediately for acute trauma. Reapply before bedtime and in the morning for best results. For external use only. Do not apply in eyes. Use only as directed.